Racism A Misidentification Of Ignorance Analysis

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RACISM: A Misidentification of Ignorance?

This is the story of an 18-year old boy who encountered love, hatred, betrayal, loyalty, happiness, and misery in his short life. When this boy was 15, he moved from India to the United States to pursue better higher education. He stepped in to the country with full of hope and excitement even though he didn’t know what comes next. The relaxation of the next thing what happened is the story of not a boy but of every immigrant coming into the country with hope. Boy perceived his story, which has been echoed in the American history for centuries and by millions, to be unique.
First day of high school, in a non-diverse town, made the boy understand a new perspective which evolved the boy forever. The new perspective had come up because of his new experience of being a racial minority, of speaking in a different accent, of having different approach to solve a problem and even as small as writing color with a different spelling of “colour”. The boy understood that his journey has just began in the new horizon and kept a very open mind.
The boy, being very social, started to converse with people around in less than a week. One day. “Hi. I am …. I am in your math class. Can I sit here?”
“Oh Hi. I am Lucas. Please sit. I too saw you in
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But in the Universities, the maturity levels of the students increase with their age and also, they get a wide range of exposure because the students come from every corner of the world. If the people are ignorant, they improve their awareness by questioning. But if they want to show their attitude to exhibit their superiority explains racism. I welcome the people with ignorance in my life with very friendly nature but can never tolerate if they are racists because we have to grow beyond all these levels eventually to serve the society and see the harmony and peace in the
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