A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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Inadequate Relationships When a man or woman commits a crime, the world is disgusted by his or her inhumanity. Humanity is quick to denounce the criminals from the human race, claiming that no true human is capable of such atrocities. While humanity’s statement may not be true in a genetic standpoint, the majority of the world considers it true from a moral perspective. To many, humans are born with compassion and love blooming in their hearts. However, they fail to form these coherent statements of disgust and denouncement when they learn about a different group of perpetrators— children. When one hears about a child or group of children committing felonies such as kidnapping, rape, and murder, he or she is speechless. Humans are shocked…show more content…
Humanity is not born with an inherent evil that hold cruelty as William Golding believes; humanity is not hopeless. Humanity has the capacity to love and respond with compassion, and it is this aspect of our nature that we must embrace. To avoid a child or group of children murdering another child, humanity must unite as one to promote healthy relationships with parental figures. No child should be subject to unhealthy parental relationships that may include abuse. Golding ends his article with a plea, “God help us all,” (Golding) but we, as humans, must make an effort to save ourselves. Mankind can only survive if each and every child is nurtured and guided by loving parental figures. Mankind can prosper only when we instill morality in the minds of our children. No, cruelty is not a part of us, neither is an inherent evil. Yes, cruelty flourishes in the presence of fear and chaos but the right relationships can delete those conditions from the equation. Therefore, lack of healthy relationships with parental figures and the consequent lack of comprehension of the world around them are the driving forces of cruelty in
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