Argumentative Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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Man is not naturally neither good or bad. A Man turns either good or bad by the way that they act throughout their life. In the movie Lord of the Flies, the character Ralph is generally a good person in the movie. Ralph tries to bring the boys together without them destroying themselves with rules, which Ralph suggests to the group of boys. On the other side, Jack is the opposite of Ralph, bossy and pushes people around. When Jack starts his own tribe on the island or when he is with the choir at the beginning of the movie, he acts as the boss of the group. This gives off the idea that no one that is with Jack has a say in the group or can do anything that they want. The movie demonstrates Locke’s ideas of a “state of nature” and “natural rights” …show more content…

He used incentives to have the boys join him by saying that they would be well fed and protected. He also used fear to believe in Jack to protect them from the beast, which they are afraid of the beast, but don’t know if the beast is real or not. The type of government that Jack represents is an autocratic government, specifically a dictatorship. The movie gives off that what Jack tells the boys to do, they listen to him and only him. Two methods Ralph used to rule his tribe is the natural rights to life, liberty, and property (pursuit of happiness). Ralph allowed the boys to vote on certain things so that everyone had a say on either going with the idea or not doing it at all. He also allowed the boys to do whatever they wanted to do day to day without requiring them to do something for the tribe. The type of government that Ralph represents is a democracy, specifically a representative democracy. When deciding who the tribe leader was going to be, Ralph and Jack had the boys vote for a representative to rule over them and decided Ralph should be the leader of the tribe at the point before they split into two

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