Dialectical Journal For Lord Of The Flies

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I think that one of the most important ideas of this chapter is how Jack was wearing the mask when he was hunting the pig. I think that this is important because I think that it symbolizes that Jack was not himself when he was hunting the pigs. This can be shown by this quote: “He [Jack] capered toward Bill, and the mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness.”
Another important idea of this chapter is the fire going out again. I have noticed that when Jack , was in charge the fire went out. I think that this symbolizes how if Jack is their leader, the group of boys’ connection to society would disappear, or, in other words, go out. I also noticed that Jack wants power very badly, and I think …show more content…

The reason I think this way is because I feel that the theme of this book is civilization vs. anticivilization (conflict between Ralph and Jack). I think that this conflict could be the beast. Something I have also noticed is that when the conflict rises, the beast makes more appearances.
I wonder if the beast will make more appearances in the future… I think that the beats will make more appearances in the future as the conflict will rise and rise. I also think that the beast will try to hurt them because they keep on seeing the beast and also keep on having nightmares about it.
Why is the fear of the beast too dangerous to the boys' society? The fear of the beast is dangerous to the boy’s society because the fear is causing disagreement and confusion between the boys. This disagreement can cause a drift in the society because of the different beliefs and their society can crumble. The littluns believe there is a beast and it is causing fear throughout them. Ralph as the leader could also see that the fear of the beast was causing terror and disagreement amongst the group of littluns and the older kids. “We’ve got to talk about this fear and decide there’s nothing in it.” (pg. …show more content…

I think that since Ralph is alone with Piggy and Simon, they must make their own group and survive on their own. I also think that the tensions will rise between Jack and Ralph, and that Jack will commit acts of violence. This is because he is opposes with hunting, and I think he will eventually try to kill or harm Ralph.
What is the message of this chapter? I think that the main message of this chapter is the effect of fear. This is because the beast has made many appearances. For example, Samneric were chased down the mountain as they fled from the beast. They reported eyes, teeth, and claws. Because of this, all of the boys get scared, and the fear overcame them.
How could Ralph and Jack’s ways of leadership be explained to someone else? Something that i have noticed is that Ralph’s way of leading the boys is more of a democracy, when the way that Jack likes to lead is more of a dictatorship. This is because Jack is more punishing and demanding. He wants to be a leader of the boys, and when he doesn’t get what he wants, he has violent

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