Lord Of The Flies Argumentative Essay

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Humans, a funny thing they are. Are they dauntless, or careless; hardworking or greedy; good or bad? Some argue that whether a person is good or bad comes down to their experiences or walk of life, although that may very well factor into a person’s character, I don’t fully agree. By nature, humans are essentially bad. Humans are tainted, imperfect even, most of their so called ‘good decisions’, are due to fear of what would happen if they didn’t make that choice as opposed to their own will and want. Every day we all have wicked thoughts, but why don’t we carry out these dismal actions? The reason is actually very simple, we know if we did these things there would be someone there to catch us or tell us that our actions were nothing less than outrageous, but what if no one was there to say those things? Everyone aspires to have power, wishes to be heard, and has a need for some kind of control, but why …show more content…

If something isn’t the way we’d prefer we resent it and more often than not, refuse to look at things in another light and just rid ourselves of it altogether. Inside the book Lord of the Flies, Jack has a hate for Piggy because of the way he goes about things, and when Jack has a following and can do as he chooses, he kills Piggy. He does this solely because he doesn’t necessarily appreciate Piggy and no one is stood in his way telling him his actions are just atrocious. Similarly, Henry VIII, would marry and then decide that he didn’t contain the same attraction to these women anymore, so instead of taking the marriage further and looking for a solution, he’d have them executed or would divorce them, because he simply didn’t want to change his view, and no one was above him telling him he couldn’t do these sinister things. Some may argue that Henry VIII had mental illnesses, although that could prove to be true, Henry VIII is just one of the many kings, some healthy, who have done identical actions and some even worse for the same

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