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There is multiple claims of the novel “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding, many concerning the physiatric state of the main characters while they endure the hardships of themselves and the island. Many of the attitudes and mindsets change throughout the story of these plan wrecked children, those of which that will end up becoming beasts themselves. “Simon, the apparently epileptic visionary who goes to visit the monster in its lair and studies the flies as they worship their rotting lord.” (Conrad, Peter. “William Golding centenary: Why lost boys will always find a dark lord to worship.” The Observer, Guardian News and Media, 17 Sept. 2011, This compares the book since in the story Jack’s tribe did seem to worship the pig head they had mounted on a spear celebrating their first kill on the island which would become more soon. Jack’s tribe was also consumed from the first kill and wanted more and more to get satisfaction ultimately leaving them bloodied most of the time. This would also compare to the claim about finding a “dark lord” to worship since in the tribe that Jack lead would have been worshiping …show more content…

“Ballantyne expressed his belief in the goodness of man, the idea that man would overcome adversity in a civilized way” (Burgess, Adam. “Lord of the Flies: A Critical History.” ThoughtCo, 6 Mar. 2017, This makes the claim that man can overcome adversity in a civilized way. This contrasts with the book since the boys ultimately go savage and wild during their time on the island. The boys in Jack’s tribe experience this the most because of the bloodthirst from the pigs and from Jack’s own pride for being the strongest and being feared, this led to the untimely death of Simon and Piggy because of

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