Discussion Questions For Lord Of The Flies

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Casey is in a situation that is very tough to judge. If I were in the position to suggest something to Casey I would tell her to befriend Mariah and defy the odds. Anyone can be in the same position as Mariah. As a person that has been that oddball or person that people don’t want to hang around, the best way to break someone out of that is just to simply talk to them. Casey might be surprised and even amazed at some of the things that Mariah has seen, experienced or thought of. Mariah already feels isolated because she is new and does not bend in with crowd and isolation can lead to many other problems down the road. The only thing that could go wrong is that Mariah might have a rough upbringing or reject being friends with Casey. Sometimes when a person feels different, they isolate themselves to avoid being hurt by others. If she has a rough upbringing and doesn't know how to act around other people, Casey should just give Mariah more time to open herself up to her. Opening up to someone when you are new is really hard.By giving her time to work through her own negatives, Casey can have a easy flowing friendship with Mariah. In chapter 1 during the discussion feelings, Lily mentions that a group of Sevens listed her class. Lily felt angered with the little boy because he refused to obey rules and acted …show more content…

Mariah is new to the community and doesn’t know the rules of how it works. The little boy is also out of his home community that may have different rules. Anyone in this situation might have a little outburst or not know how to obey the rules. The situation is different due to the fact that Mariah has most likely grown up in a community that teaches them how to behave although they might be put in a situation is different. The little boy is still young and may not know how to control and express his emotions in a positive

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