A Rhetorical Analysis Of Drugs By Gore Vidal

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Response Four In his article, Drugs, Gore Vidal argues that there is a solution to the drug epidemic in America: simply make all drugs legal and sell them at cost. Gore has a particularly compelling argument, and much of that has to due with the rhetorical strategies and techniques he uses. Gore starts his argument off by saying that marijuana is neither addictive or dangerous, and definitely not as dangerous cocaine and heroin. While this article was written in 1970, many Americans feel this way in 2016— that marijuana is not as dangerous as other drugs. Gore, in a way, is aware of his audience, and accommodates them. Gore goes on to admit that he has “tried - once - almost every drug.” This appeals to ethos, for it enhances his credibility. He has experience with drugs, is knowledgable about them, and overall is a …show more content…

In the 20s, the American government tried to enforce a ban on alcohol, but in the process, caused “the greatest crime wave in the country 's history, causing thousands of deaths from bad alcohol, and creating a general (and persisting) contempt among the citizenry for the laws of the United States.” Gore also uses logos when he writes that in 1969 the government slightly “curtailed” the supply of marijuana, and this led to kids getting hooked on more dangerous drugs like heroin, and overall increasing the number of deaths. He suggests that the government, and the crime organizations, benefits from making drugs illegal. That way, both sides are able to flip a profit. This also appeals to the audience’s opinion— many Americans distrust the government and have negative opinions about it. Overall, Gore Vidal’s argument of legalizing drugs is very compelling. The style of writing is unique and keeps the reader interested. Vidal takes a popular argument (in 2016) and provides a sound argument in support of

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