A Rose For Emily Class Discrimination Essay

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One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, William Faulkner, in his short story "A Rose for Emily", the theme of class discrimination dominates the whole story. The story takes place in Jefferson, a small southern town where social hierarchy is strictly enforced. This short story about the experiences of Emily, the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, shows the conflict between the lower and upper classes. The main protagonist Emily fell into depression after the death of her strict father. Another subject of the story is that Emily is closed to the innovations of the changing world and is always despised by his surroundings. In this article we will examine the tragic consequences of class discrimination in the story. First, this story tells us both what Emily went through and what she didn't. Emily, who lived with a controlling father for years, continued her life in line with her father's wishes. Since her father did not see anyone worthy of her daughter, she never married. The main protagonist has neither developed sexually nor emotionally under this pressure. She was humiliated by society for being single in her 30s. Daughters of noble families should not be friends with everyone, this was true in Emily, her only friend was her loneliness. …show more content…

He even refuses to pay taxes because the former Jefferson president had exempted his father from taxation, but neither his father was left, nor is Colonel Sorrtitoris, the former Jefferson president. Emily also refuses to use technology. For example, she doesn't use mail. In fact, he smells so badly from his house that his neighbors are disturbed. Lime spilling in the garden by others is the desire to destroy Emily's existence rather than the smell of society. Emily isolates herself from society unless she can keep up with the

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