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Miss Emily Grierson, the main character in William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily”, is a very unusual character. She has an extremely unhealthy relationship with her father causing her to deny his death. Miss Emily constantly staying locked up in the house she grew up in alone, feeling forced to live in the limelight of her father and never attempting to get over his death causes her to mentally and physically withered away and become a sad, pitiful, and bizarre human being. Faulkner describes Emily’s desire to be alone by saying, “People hardly saw her at all” (Faulkner II). The only times she was seen was sitting in the window “with the torso of an idol” (Faulkner II). After the death of her father and her lover running away she secluded herself away for close to two years. People would come and try to console her frequently, but left with no success. When she finally came …show more content…

She is stagnant and nothing short of useless, but she had a small plan. A man by the name of Homer Baron was her “lover”. Although women of the town disliked him, she saw the opportunity to give herself the feeling of usefulness again. The church came to her about Homer and she responded. She bought arsenic to take care of him because he was a “bad influence to the young men of the town.” (Faulkner IV) She held his dead body in the house for years causing a stench, raising eyebrows and pointing fingers. Eventually Miss Emily got sick and passed away with no closure and an awful name for herself. Emptiness, loneliness, sorrow, all these things leave lasting impressions and mental scars. For Emily, these scars were too much of a burden causing her to lose sanity in all ways possible. Staying locked up inside her house, never living up to expectations, and never letting herself forget combine to show that Miss Emily Grierson is an unusual and bizarre person. These things all make her who she is, “A fallen

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