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“A Rose for Emily” 1. The final effect in the last paragraph of “A Rose for Emily” it shares a lot of feelings about how Emily really was, aslo it wrapps up all the things that were told in the story.They get the truth about how crazy Emily really was. At the beginning of the story I felt bad for her and thought that she just didn't want to be without her father because she has always been around him, but then when she went and got the poison it changed my total feel about the person Emily really was. In my opinion I think that Emily needs some help she keep her dead father in the chair for three days after he was dead and also she hooked up with Homer Barron and killed him with the strongest poison that she could get her hands on. People thought that Homer Barron went missing left out of town but he was really locked up in Emily's bedroom with no clothes on in her bed that has been recently laid on by another person Emily was now dead but she would go laid in bed with Homer every day till she died. After her funeral her family from Alabama went and knocked down her door in her room and found a corpse of a man and a bed that had been laid on and on top of that there was a long salt and pepper colored hair …show more content…

The foreshadow of “A Rose for Emily” is When emily goes to the drugstore to buy some poison with intentions of using it. The people in the town were complaining about the odor coming from her house. The last time that Homer Barron was seen was entering the home of Emily and no one had been in her house in many years. The townspeople have some suspicion that Emily had some mental and anger problems after they discover her father in their home. After Emily died all the pieces to the puzzle were discovered they knocked down the door and found the dead man that everyone thought had disappeared, but emily really poisoned him and laid with his dead body probably because that was the only guy that emily had ever been with and she never wanted him to leave

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