Essay On Symbolism In A Rose For Emily

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Throughout the reading of "A Rose for Emily "there is many expressions of symbolism. Understanding and able to point out the objects or people and the meaning behind them is very important. Knowing the explanation of each expression will help you understand the author and his or her message towards the audience. In the selection, "A Rose for Emily" some examples of symbolism is a character name Homer Barron, the house, and the rose that is stated in the title. These all have significant meanings behind them that are important to fully understand why Emily acted, felt and explain the reasoning behind each of her actions. The story "A Rose for Emily¨, tells the years of Emily´s life after her father's death and the towns reaction and thoughts based on her actions and events in her life. After her father's death she isolated herself from the whole town and rejected every man in the town. …show more content…

In the title it states "A Rose for Emily" though a rose is never mentioned in the story. The rose is thought to be a symbol of Homer Barron or love. Since she never had any romantic connections due to her father, Barron may have been represented by the rose. A rose is often seen as balance, loss and protection and that is what Barron stood for to Emily a promise for love and a future. Therefore, when saying "A Rose for Emily" it is promising her a chance or promise for a new beginning. This is not the only meaning behind the rose due to different interpretations. The rose may represent Emily, just like the rose she was once beautiful and envied but also just like a rose she grew to be old and began to slowly die. In the scholar journal, "Who Arose for Emily?", written by Timothy O’Brien states the rose represents Emily and love. it once flourished just as Emily did before her father's death but just like the rose withering away she also did but mentally and emotionally. Also, just like the rose she died and was

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