A Very Brief Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

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¨These bugs are everywhere I told you not to leave the food out all night!¨ said Rainsford angrily to his cat that did understand him, nor had human qualities, but he didn't like to blame himself for things. He loved animals and understood they had feelings just like humans did after his encounter 9 years ago with Zaroff. It's been 9 years worthwhile years, he has not hunted once, he's vegetarian and is living a healthy life with his 2 cats and 2 dogs. Next week would make it 10 years since he had to kill off Zaroff and his dogs, why not make it a trip there for old times sakes, Rainsford thought to himself. The next day he got on a boat with him all his animals and a driver, and set sail for the ride back to Ship Trap Island.It was about a 2 hour boat ride. He told his animals and the driver about his experience, he never told anyone or even mentioned anything since several murders were involved. He told the driver, he never got married because it just never worked out for him. He had one kid, but the mother took the kid when he was born and never return and he has no idea where they would´ve went. …show more content…

He sees all the trees and bushes all bringing back a flash or memories and forgotten feelings. How fun it was to hunt, or especially how fun it must´ve been for Zaroff when he got to kill humans. He stops and thinks to himself and thinks it all in his head and he just needs to find the house and leave as soon as he could. They come upon the house. Just as he remember big, old looking, beat up, but elegant at the same time. They all walk in and it still as he left it almost 10 years ago. Not a thing moved or damaged. Except for the dust, dirt, leaves, and the creature that have now claimed this as there home. Rainsford looks around the house for a phone or something he could use to contact someone outside the island. He unfortunately couldn't find

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