AHIMA Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Healthcare providers rely on ethical codes to establish guidelines and standards for addressing issues that arise. Associations representing the professional organization are tasked with the duty of developing and tailoring a code of ethics to assist its members to understand expectations in their professional role. For example the American Health Information Management Association and the American Physical Therapist Association established a code of ethics for its members. Each association considers the relation of the health professional obligations and constructs a code of ethics to serve as guidance to the professional. When reviewing the code of ethics for AHIMA and APTA, one may definitely draw parallels. For example both associations expect members to participate in life long learning so consequently members are required to earn continuing education hours. In addition, both associations expect members to represent themselves honorably especially in reporting honestly the services received by patients. The APTA code of …show more content…

Lantos and Sonia Gowda, a patient requests a physical therapist to conceal the fact that she received a controversial surgery in another country from her doctor. The physical therapist has an obligation to both the patient and the doctor a member of the healthcare team. I believe the physical therapist has a duty to inform the patient of the potential risks of withholding information from his/her doctor and the healthcare team. Along the same line, it is vital the HIM professional develops forms in a manner to encourage full disclosure of medical history. Patients need to understand the importance of taking the time to complete a medical history or significance of withholding information from healthcare team. All patients need to understand the lack of full disclosure may negatively cause an untoward event possibly even life

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