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Abigail Adams Abigail Adams was our second first lady of the United States. She lived in Europe for 3 years with her husband John Adams who served as the first American Minister (Encyclopedia of World Biography). She was a part of many important decisions with the role of first lady, while still maintaining her family’s farm. Abigail is known for the many letters she wrote, some of them including women's rights (Osborne). Abigail Adams was a very important woman in our country’s history, she was the second First Lady of America, helping make many important decisions, and she wrote many famous letters, including one that would make a change in women's rights. Before the presidential election Abigail and John Adams went to France and England while John served as the first American Minister.When Abigail traveled to Europe it wasn't until a couple years after John had arrived (Encyclopedia of World Biography). She traveled with her daughter Nabby and the family was there from 1785-1788 (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Although before she traveled to Europe she kept her husband updated on politics through letters (First ladies.org). While she was in Europe …show more content…

The term lasted from 1787-1801 (Osborne). While she was in the white house her husband would discuss many important presidential situations with Abigail and he often took her advice (First Ladies.org). Abigail continued writing letters to friends and family describing what it was like to be First Lady. She also wrote letters complaining about how the construction of the white house was not yet finished (First Ladies.org). During John’s presidency Abigail continued to manage their farm, the Quincy Farm, going from the white house to the farm and back to the white house (First Ladies.org). Even though she was only actually in at the white house for eighteen months she still did a lot for our

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