Abortion Vs California

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In the state of California, the issue of minors receiving abortions has reached the ballot three times. The issue specifically concerns parental consent and whether or not a minor should receive the same treatment as a pregnant adult in terms of privacy, power, and the right to decide for one 's body. The first, in 2005 with Proposition 73, again in 2006 with Proposition 85, and finally in 2008 with Proposition 4. Each side of the issue has major support, and strong will to either prohibit or allow minors to have abortions without parents knowing about their child 's health . Proposition 85, voted on in 2006 was the second of the three attempts to ensure physicians notify a parent or guardian of a scheduled abortion for a minor. From what …show more content…

It is not a proposition requiring consent of a parent or guardian prior to scheduling an abortion. The initiative offered two ways for physicians to notify parents: personal written notification where the physician would provide written notification to a parent accompanying a minor, or mail notification where a physician would send notification to the parent where notification is "assumed" by noon the second day after the written notice was …show more content…

In one of the most liberal states, California voters prefer the right to privacy of an un-emancipated minor 's body, especially in the issue of an abortion. This proposition was not an attempt to outlaw abortions in California, however, it was one way to majorly reduce the abortion rate. It is a very partisan, controversial issue, and from the constant defeat from one side, it is easy to see how the law will remain unchanged for many elections to follow. Even if the voter turnout grows, the issue will not change because of the reading of the California Constitution by the state Supreme Court in 1997 in regards to Assembly Bill 2274. In its analysis of the proposal, the LAO suggested teens may avoid having sex if the measure passed. Yet, teens don 't necessarily regard other laws in regards to limits because of their age (for example, underage drinking) which doesn 't make sense to speculate the pregnancy rate among teens would be reduced in

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