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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous presidents of the U.S.A. He was the 16th president serving for just four years before being assassinated in 1865. Abraham Lincoln is remembered by most of the Americans as the person who led them through the bloodiest war that they have ever had, the Civil War. During this period, America had gone through a lot of political, moral and constitutional crisis. However, Lincoln led the people through the war and therefore helped in preserving the union and became a way through which the American people could abolish slavery, modernize the economy as well as strengthening the federal government of the United States. Regardless of the different perspectives that people may view him, Abraham Lincoln …show more content…

They moved to Indiana where his mother died if milk sickness, forcing his father to marry a second wife Sarah Bush Johnston who became very close to Abraham as she encouraged him in his quest to gain a formal education. Abraham can be said to have educated himself. During her childhood and youth age, Lincoln never liked the hard that had associations with the frontier life. As such, he would spend most of his time writing, reading, scribbling, ciphering, doing poetry work among others, and thus made some of his neighbors believe that he was such a lazy boy . His family relocated to Illinois in 1830 at the age of 21 where he did odd jobs as well as taking a float boat of goods to New Orleans. He was elected as the captain in the Blackhawk War of 1832. He was very happy about this elections as he says that he met the man who turned to change his life despite him not seeing any combat. The man was John Todd …show more content…

It was in this House of Representatives that Lincoln gave his infamous speech by the name Spot. The speech was concerning the war that was in progress with the neighboring country of Mexico. Lincoln felt that the president should give the full information to the American people on the exact spot where the American people had shed their blood leading to the start of the war. He demanded to know from President James K. Polk if the spot was on the Mexican or the American soil. This speech was interpreted to be a reflection of the words said by the speaker of the House Henry Clay while in Lexington, Kentucky. Some other people feel that the speech was just a maneuver of integrating himself with the rest of the previous Whigs in Washington since Abraham was a Whig while Polk was a Democrat. Most of the people in the United States were in support of the war while most of the newspapers in the country referring to Abraham as the “Spotty

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