Abraham Maslow's Quote Analysis

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A famous psychologist called, Abraham Maslow, once said ; “When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails”. This quote has a huge relation on TOK ( Theory of Knowledge), however how does Abraham’s quote apply to the ways of knowing in the pursuit of knowledge? The quote applies to one specific way of knowing which builds a limited pursuit of knowledge in an individual and his / her mind. Reason and perception. Before getting into depth, reason would be the explanation or cause of something. Perception would be the use of an individual’s five senses. These two ways of knowing are the main tools in the pursuit of knowledge revolved around Abraham Maslow’s quote. “ When the only tool you have is hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails”. However, what does the quote represent in relation to Theory of Knowledge? Maslow sent a message throughout this quote, stating that when individuals use one specific way of knowing it results in us understanding every real-life situation using just this one specific way of knowing. Referring to …show more content…

Perception, or rather much sense perception. Individuals use their senses for their whole lives providing them with an outstanding amount of gained knowledge. Sense perception is one of the main ways of knowing that gains the individuals’ knowledge using the judgments of their five senses. Therefore, sense perception would be a major guidance of the increase in the pursuit of knowledge since using our five senses would give individuals a wide and varied amount of knowledge. Farmers could be used as an example for the support of using sense perception to be applied in the pursuit of knowledge. Farmers use all of their five senses, sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste, to reach the pursuit of knowledge. They are unskilled workers so using their five senses would be their main source or way of

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