Acceptance And Symbolism In Amy Tan's Joy Luck

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Joy luck only exist among these mothers is because they 've all went through certain tough experience to finally get to where they are today, where they finally have happiness. Unlike June Woo and the other daughters, they were born in America, they did not need to go through what their mothers have went through. Maybe the word joy luck does not exist in the exact form to these daughters but joy luck does certainly exists in a similar form to them. This is because these daughter grew up with the American culture dominating over their Chinese heritage. As a daughter to an Chinese mother that migrated to America, I understand this tale very well. I on the other hand grew up with the Chinese heritage dominating over America 's culture due to me growing up in Chinatown and went to a Chinese dominated elementary school. …show more content…

Joy luck does exist but it does not mean the same to them, because they are not in China, they did not grew up there, these daughter do not even understand Chinese that well, so of course the meaning would be different. To the mother being able to survive, live in wealth, and a happy marriage to an Chinese man is Joy luck, but to the daughters anyone they love, that can build a family with is Joy luck. Reason why these mothers think that their daughters do not understand Joy luck is because they did not followed their footsteps, because they broke the tradition of marrying an heritage that is not Chinese. The term "Joy Luck" in this novel means the legacy which the mothers pass down to their daughter which carries a mixture of both hope and disappointment, pain and love. An example of this is that Waverly Jong having a white boyfriend that she want to

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