Summary Of Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club

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In Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club, the different stories show how the different characters develop and progress. Rose Hsu Jordan begins “Half and Half” as someone who clearly lacks of conviction as she allows everyone but her to make decisions. Throughout “Without Wood”, however, Rose Hsu Jordan begins to learn, with the help of her mother, how to speak up. In both stories, Rose Hsu Jordan’s development transforms her from a timid and passive girl, to an assertive woman who doesn’t allow others to step on her. Nonetheless, this change was brought upon not by an event, but rather, it was brought upon by Rose’s mother. An-Mei is responsible for transforming Rose from a timid and passive woman into one with an actual “voice”. Rose, an inherently timid and passive person, ends up letting her decisions be made by everybody else but her, making this character…show more content…
An-Mei is confident in her abilities to change her daughter, albeit she seemingly failed in educating her daughter. An-Mei says that “[she] taught to desire nothing, swallow other people’s misery, to eat her own bitterness and even though [she] taught [her] daughter differently, still she came out the same way” (Tan, pg. 215). She begins to change her daughter by showing Rose how her marriage has become controlling. She says “You must think for yourself, what you must do. If someone tells you, then you are not trying” (Tan, pg 130). An-Mei tells her daughter how she should speak up and not allow Ted to go over her in the divorce. She says “I am not saying you should save your marriage. I am only saying you should speak up” (Tan, pg. 193). An-Mei attempts to show her daughter that the act of preserving her own well-being by speaking up is more important than her marriage. Through doing so, Rose would be preventing her husband from attempting to take any advantage from the divorce and leave Rose in the
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