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Jurisdiction in Delaware Breia Scullion Wilmington University Abstract Nowadays everything is computerized and technology is forever advancing, and the need to protect all the Delaware citizens from scammers has increased. The attorney general’s office is looking out for our fellow residents and getting advice from our legal experts on how to find jurisdiction and venue to charge these criminals in due process. Jurisdiction in Delaware Amid the ever changing world we live in where the internet expands globally, the question arises how to regulate and prosecute wrongdoings. As technology advances daily, laws have to adapt quickly to ensure that the people are protected in the physical sense and in the virtual sense. For the most part the lack of physical presence is difficult to identify the …show more content…

In regards to the Fourth Amendment that adheres to search and seize, we have the burden to prove that the crime was committed and that the subject was the person behind the keyboard that committed the crime. The questions that need to be answered are who else had access to the computer? Could the subject also be a victim? I suggest that the attorney general should charge the perpetrator of the online scam with federal wire fraud, which would be the highest offense, I think the subject meets the criterion which is that the subject engaged in a scheme to defraud, and the subject defrauded consumers out of money and used the internet to do the crime. The punishment would entail a minimum penalty of no more than twenty years and depending on the amount of the fraud would depend on the amount of the fine. So this case would be handled in the federal court because it is a federal

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