Addiction Interaction Disorders Paper

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An article by Knepper (2013) mentioned that the presence of addiction interaction disorder in a person may promote his or her severity in the addiction cycle. Addiction interaction disorder was introduced by Carnes (2011) which means a person may have multiple addictions at the same time and these addictions combine to interact, reinforce and become part of one another. Looking at individuals who struggle with primary addiction: sexual and secondary addiction: alcohol, the secondary addiction may ritualize the primary addiction which makes a person alternate between the addiction cycles and relapse deeper to their addictive behavior (Carnes, 2011).
Four Stages of Addiction According to Butler (2009), below are the four stages of addiction that a person goes through from the first trial of the addictive behavior. Each of the stages will be examine in details below. Experimental stage of addiction: This is the first stage of addiction where a person try out the addictive behavior due to curiosity, peer pressure, relationship issues, feeling bored or lonely. The reward of pleasure or mood swings; for example watching pornography may divert them away from their stressors and this may prompt he or she to try again next time for. The person feels that he or she can control self of when to stop. This conscious or …show more content…

Facing sobriety and returning back to normal life is difficult. This is where the person hit rock bottom because of the addiction. The person may be facing problems such as getting fired from work, heavy debts that lead to legal issues, family or relationship breakdown, contracting sexually transmitted disease and shame due to addiction public exposure. The only option is for the person to seek treatment for their addiction. If left untreated, the person may seek the fast way out by commit suicide to run away from the shame and

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