Adversity In Romeo And Juliet

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In William Shakespeare’s timeless play Romeo and Juliet, two star crossed lovers are faced with great adversity as they hide their romance from their feuding families. As author James Lane Allen once said, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it”. Romeo, a Montague, struggles to hide his love for the Capulet daughter, Juliet, from his family and friends. The challenge of lying to his closest companions, and going against his family’s ways to secretly marry Juliet causes Romeo to act erratically and carelessly. Throughout Act 3 Scene One, Shakespeare exposes the lovestruck Romeo’s mercurial nature and impulsivity through his thoughtless actions. Romeo is an extremely moody character, and this is shown early into the scene. After marrying the daughter of the opposing Capulet family, Romeo is extremely …show more content…

Acting quickly on his emotions, Romeo begins to fight Tybalt out of anger. When Tybalt mocks Romeo, blaming him for Mercutio's death, Romeo thrusts his sword forward in defense saying “This shall determine that” (3.1.136). He kills Tybalt just moments after telling him he loves him. Romeo kills his wife’s cousin without a hesitation, despite his attempts earlier to keep the peace. He does the opposite of keep the peace between the families, he increases the tension between them. Moments after stabbing Tybalt, Romeo realizes the depth of the mistake he made. He dramatically cries “O, I am Fortune’s fool!” (3.1.142). Romeo becomes aware that his choice will cause more disagreement between the two families than ever, right after he married Juliet. He is going to be punished for his actions, and that will also impact his relationship with the Capulet daughter. Romeo’s impulsivity causes the death of a new family member by marriage, even if Tybalt wasn’t aware of the relationship. Young Romeo demonstrates his quick thinking, and reveals how his impulsive action causes him emotional

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