Poor Communication In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Communication is always crucial for the success and happiness in relationships. However, when done wrong, it usually results in failure. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, poor communication causes characters to make bad decisions that lead to the tragic end of Romeo and Juliet. Poor communication between the characters is found by keeping secrets, which prevents the revealing of truth and through assumption in which characters do not try to find the truth. As the play progresses it becomes evident that poor communication has negative impacts on the story causing the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. One way poor communication occurs in the story is through keeping secrets. Keeping secrets does not reveal the truth causing characters in …show more content…

Without having any knowledge regarding Juliet’s marriage with Romeo, Lord Capulet fixes her marriage to Thursday. He says, “Well, get you gone. O’ Thursday be it then” (III iiiii 33). He does this action without being told the truth by anyone who knows the truth thus hiding the truth itself. Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet wants to duel with Romeo because he attended the Capulet’s feast. Romeo disagrees and says, “Tybalt, the reason why I have to love thee / doth excuse the appertaining rage” (III I 63-65). Here Romeo expresses his love for Tybalt due to the fact that Romeo is wed to Juliet, Tybalt’s cousin making him a relative of Tybalt. However, Romeo does not reveal why he loves Tybalt. Mercutio fights for Romeo and is slain by Tybalt and Romeo seeking revenge, murders Tybalt and is banished. Both these events cause other events of poor communication to take place in this chain reaction which leads to the dreadful end of Romeo and Juliet. Another way miscommunication causes bad decisions to be taken is thorough Assumption. Assumption of certain things by the characters in the story restrains them from trying to discover the truth …show more content…

The characters are blinded through keeping secrets and assuming different things. Their decisions lead the way for the tragedy of Romeo and

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