African American Struggles

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The plight of the African Americans to abolish slavery and racial discrimination has left American history with a lot of lessons and ruminations regarding humanity. People, when left with power and authority, has the ability to oppress the weak, and to aggress the strong. This makes the divide stronger, and thus disunity to pervade within human society. This also shows that human frailty is a very powerful influence to humanity; the way that these frailties enable man to oppress another man, and the way that power makes man greedy for more, shows that humanity’s flaws is the same exact measure which can destroy it. The lessons the world has learned from the way that the African Americans have struggled for freedom and unity in the United States …show more content…

This would also show that the struggle is an educated struggle, rather than just trying to usurp power and influence among people. This approach would also solve the problem of ignorance, and thus elevate the struggle into a more intellectual and a more civilized form of negotiation rather than a fight of violent battles between men. Appropriation of funds, for instance, to peaceful negotiations between the white and the black Americans rather than spending it on guns to avert further conflict but to inflict harm and violence against the protesters is the main aim for using education as a way to engage in the struggle. The more that people are educated, the more that they will understand the need for harmonious society, and to have equality as the main element that can further expand the unity among all members of the society. This will also integrate the way that people interact with each other, since education will disable any form of ignorant rants, accuses, and bigotry and prejudice which has enable discrimination to exist. The more that people are well educated, the less that discrimination will exist, and thus the decrease in social injustice will prevail. “A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possesses” (Randolph, on Gates and Burton, 436) and a democratic community can only be attained if people are educated enough on why freedom is a birthright of all people, and that equality is the best manifestation of freedom. The way that the system tends to use ignorance as a way to dismantle any form of justification on why discrimination is a social injustice shows that the intelligent people are using and abusing their intellect wrongly. By making the general masses educated on the reasons and

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