Africa's Natural Geography Dbq

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Africa is known as the origin of the human race. Since that is the case, Africa has had the most opportunities to impress the modern world. Africa has done just that. Africa had three major kingdoms, each of which were major successes. Throughout history, Africa’s kingdoms have utilized their natural resources to become some of the most prosperous kingdoms the world has ever seen. Also, the rulers of said kingdoms have used no nonsense policies, both domestic and foreign, to decrease crime rates and peacefully trade. And, lastly, Africa’s natural geography has helped the African people be some of the most successful. Whether it’s the desert or the densely vegetated areas, Africa’s geography has helped it’s people. Before the arrival of the …show more content…

Ghana is reminiscent of powerful nations, being very complex. It had all of the facets to be one of the most powerful empires ever, and it was(Doc 3). It is shown that the kingdom of Ghana had great managerial skills, being able to facilitate trade and peace between other peoples. This led to great foreign policy with other kingdoms(Doc 3). It is explained that the Kingdom of Ghana had a complex political structure, as evidenced by the apparent hierarchy shown. Every person has his/her place, and knows their place(Doc …show more content…

Not only does this document blatantly tell you about the wealth of the kings, it shows other things upon deeper analysis. One thing it shows is an advanced political structure, with each person knowing his/her place in the kingdom(Doc. 2). At a first glance of the piece of writing, one may just think the only thing to read is that the kings were rich. But by sharing their wealth with diplomats in other kingdoms, the diplomatic relations with said kingdoms improved greatly, which let the kings make a great deal of friends(Doc. 4). In Ibn Battuta’s Travels to Kingdom of Mali, he talks about the iron fist that the kings ruled with. By having no tolerance for crime, the rulers had very successful kingdoms with complete control over them(Doc. 6). Whether it be the close proximity to other parts of the world, the barren deserts, or the rainforests, Africa’s people have been aided in their success by the continent’s natural advantages. A map showing trade routes, this document is the perfect example of Africa’s prime location. Right near Europe and Asia, trading routes in northern and eastern Africa flourished(Doc 1). Although this is another trade route map, it gives us more insight on the routes that were used to get to other parts of the world, such as Asia. Boats could travel through the Arabian, Mediterranean, and Red seas, along with

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