Afrocentric Cultural Values

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There is an importance in the black community of embracing Afrocentric Cultural Values and sharing to our younger generations and adolescents. I chose a scholarly article that utilize this factor in its hypothesis. From the Journal of Black Psychology, the article is titled Examining Afrocentric Cultural Values, ethnic Identity, and Substance Use Abstinence in Low-Income, Early Adolescent, African American Girls. This very extensive article was written or experimented by our fellow professors at the University of Austin: Delida Sanchez, Emma Hamilton, Dorie Gilbert, and Elizabeth Vandewater. Their study is about finding a possible link of cultural factors and substance use abstinence among low income African American girls.
There has been
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There are seven core principles that consist values or behavior daily to sustain the ‘Afrocentric culture’. The psychologist creates two hypotheses. The first hypothesis is that ethnic identity exploration would be negatively linked to cigarette, marijuana, and alcohol use of abstinence. This means that they believe that if young African American are still exploring their ethnic identity, meaning they are still searching for their identity, the less they can restrain themselves from consuming drugs or alcohol. Abstinence, according to the dictionary, is the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something like a substance or alcohol. The second hypothesis is that Afrocentric cultural values would positively linked to cigarette, marijuana, and alcohol use of abstinence. Conversely, they are hoping that there is a positive regression line with these two variables. In simple terms, if a low-income African American adolescent is more aware or identifies their Afrocentric cultural values, than there is an increase in their abstinence from marijuana, cigarettes, and alcohol. This is their way of determining if it is possible to overcome the environmental stresses and pressure that young minority girls living in these conditions…show more content…
I have always been fascinated on different variables that affect young minorities’ emotional, mental, and physical behaviors. I came across this scholarly Journal of Black Psychology in my Psychology of the African American Experience. This field is very important to me because it speak about the community that I connect with and mention that there are different psychological theories and methods that should be used to based on minorities and not a universal
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