Against Gun Control Debate

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Enshrined in the United States Constitution, there is perhaps no debate that permeates the contemporary socio political landscape with as much fervor as the right to bear arms. In recent times, the rise of gun violence has brought the issue of gun control to the forefront of political discourse. Gun control has been hotly contested by political leaders, liberal and conservative adults, and even teenagers in high school. While there are many articles online regarding this topic that appear to be reliable prima facie, not all of them prove to be credible under closer scrutiny. Although everyone has their own opinion with respect to gun control, some news articles choose not to consider all the factual evidence that is readily available or see…show more content…
Instead, it states the opinions of both parties while posing a series of questions. Within the article, questions such as “Should schools arm teachers and guards?” are asked and responded to from both a left wing and right wing perspective. The left wing response to this question brought up how an Oregon community college that just had a shooting massacre wasn’t a gun free zone; students and staff were allowed to conceal and carry a firearm, none of which stopped the shooting. This argument also brings up how costly training all staff at schools would be, which is why it should not be implemented. The right-wing response uses sources from the NASRO postulating that if staff were armed in schools, students would be able to feel much safer. This response also shows a 2009 study in which the presence of police officers on campus were attributable to nearly 73 percent in arrests involving students illegally carrying firearms. This article is reliable since it uses both sides of the gun control argument and employs facts backed up by…show more content…
They use the pros and cons of gun control laws to their full extent showing no bias on either side of the argument. The writings are written in a properly formatted structure, consisting of a statement claim and evidence to support what is posited alongside credible sources that were consulted. These sources have minimal bias and use very few loaded words to influence the reader’s opinions. The reporting is factual and shows a high lack of appeal to emotion, making it objective. This article is completely reliable due to its lack of emotional appeal and its unbiased arguments of both

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