Aibileen And Minny In The Help

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In The Help, Aibileen and Minny each respond differently towards their white employers, but while Minny’s approach possesses both benefits and drawbacks, Aibileen’s attitude only ensures her own safety. Minny’s rash and fiery nature provides the black community with major blackmail material though it leads to her losing her job; while Aibileen’s restrained and tolerant personality assists her in steering clear of trouble but does not improve the state of racial injustice. For instance, Minny prepares a pie coated with her own poop, and she delivers it to her arrogant employer, Hilly Holbrook. As a downside, Minny receives a hard beating from her husband and loses her secured job due to her quick actions in anger. Viewers soon learn that Minny’s impulsive behavior did not go to waste though, because she holds an embarrassing and valuable secret concerning Hilly and the pie incident. …show more content…

Aibileen represents a much more patient and assertive character in comparison to Minny. Though Aibileen hears Hilly’s rude remarks concerning the bathroom statement, she holds her tongue despite the hurtful comments made among the white women. Her tolerance saves her from causing any drama for her own sake, but her temperate actions do not function as a proclamation towards her white counterparts. Overall, Minny and Aibileen address their white employers in their individual mannerisms, leading to both shortcomings and profits, but their balancing characteristics ultimately work to round up the film as a

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