Alan's Conception Of Love

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What is likely to happen?
Someone or something will be chased or in danger.

Why do you make this prediction?
Because it is called the chaser and when you see the title you see the word chaser but then in that word chase. So it gives you the assumption that someone will be chased.

What is Alan’s conception of love?
Alan thinks love is everlasting devotion and attention and that she will always take care of him intensely.

What does the old man think about Alan’s conception of love?
I think the old man likes Alan’s conception of love because he will buy the love potion. Later he will come back for the spot remover and pay lots of money for it to get rid of her because he will not love what the potion did to her. He does not want her to love him with everlasting devotion and attention and for her life to revolve around her. …show more content…

Whose definition comes closest to your own?

What is the Spot Remover?
The spot remover is a poison that will kill them and get them out of their life.

Why is the Love Potion so Cheap?
After they buy the love potion soon they will get tired of the everlasting love and attention and her life revolving around his, that they will save up money to buy the spot remover that is much more

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