Irving Singer The Nature Of Love Analysis

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How to Live According to Irving Singer Throughout Irving Singer acclaimed trilogy, The Nature of Love, the viewer can observe how he unveils rich insight into fundamental aspects of human relationships through literature, the complexities of our being, and the history of ideas. In his sequel, The Pursuit of Love, Singer approaches love from a distinct standpoint; he reveals his collection of extended essays where he presents psychological and philosophical theories of his own. The audience can examine how he displays love as he systematically maps the facets of religion, sexual desire, love from a parent, family member, child or friend. Irving explores the distinction between wanting to be loved and wanting to love another, which ultimately originates from the moment an individual is born. Irving understands that love is more than a desire to be loved; it explains how love …show more content…

The reader can acknowledge how Singer believes that the primary source of living a meaningful life, is love. Within his novel, the Pursuit of Love, Irving Singer discusses how love is the central definition of what meaning is, as well as further analyzes how love is not a desire to be loved. Nonetheless, Irving Singer would claim that life is not meaningless because humans search for meaning within all aspects of our existence. By solely being alive, individuals find the things that matter to them; therefore, whatever we as individuals believe “matters,” is a prerequisite for our life because it will bring happiness. Irving Singer’s optimistic theories make him an ideal philosopher because he offers an immense amount of insight by discussing how we can add meaning to our lives. Singer never once mentions living a meaningless life; his optimistic speculations demonstrate how through love individuals can find happiness and

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