How Does Steinbeck Use Text 2 Analysis

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TEXT ANALYZIS In this comparative analysis Text 1 is letter written in New York in November 1958 by famous author, John Steinbeck (1902-1968) that was published in Steinbeck: A life in letters and Text 2 is a comic strip about Tiny Sepuku in Tiny Sepuku Comic Archive (2001) created by Ken Cursoe. Here both texts discuss about love though in totally different angles. Where Text 1 is all about finding real love and what to do when you actually find one, Text 2 is criticising couples behaviour in relationships in sarcastic way. In Text 1 John Steinbeck talks to his son from his first marriage, about love and loving. He tells in his letter clearly, what is ideal relationship. His world is really black-and-white as he tells that there is “bad love” …show more content…

He uses them loads and effectively for example in the second paragraph where the author writes describes and tells how being in love is about the best thing that can happen to anyone. The way he uses them is seen in this sentence: “First - if you are in love - that’s a good thing - that’s about the …” You can see how the John uses this stylic device to point out that it is indeed good to be in love, that there is nothing wrong with that, just be sure that you are in love. The text 2 is a comic strip so it uses more visual effects to make its points to stand out but also he uses extremely well sarcasm and irony. He tells about these “super powers” you get as you are in relationships including time manipulation - that one can see as the man is worried if they will make it to the movie as the girl takes too long to get ready and the girl just says that “Relax! We’ll make it in time”, referring to girls bad habits to take too long in makeup or dressing up and still almost making it in time - and astral travel that can be seen as men talks about something that’s interesting for him, the girl who couldn’t care less, is physically close to the man but in her mind she is somewhere where she rather

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