Alexander Hamilton's Advice To Alexander Hamilton

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If I could give advice to anyone it would be Alexander Hamilton. There is so much advice he could use throughout history like the fact that i would tell him that when Eliza and Angelica tell him to take a break that it’s in his best interest that he listens, I’d also tell him not to let Philip go to the duel with George Eacker, I’d tell him not to go to the duel with Burr, I’d tell him to not let Laurens go alone, and I’d tell him to stay alive for Eliza. My first piece of advice I’d give him is to listen to Eliza and Angelica when they tell him to take a break. If Alexander listens to Eliza and Angelica he would’ve never had the affair with Maria Reynolds and he wouldn’t have had to go through all the efforts of writing the Reynolds Pamphlet and then he and Eliza would’ve never had to fight for how long they did. If Alexander went with Angelica and Eliza to go visit their father he would’ve had a nice break from all of the work he has done …show more content…

Laurens died because the British troop he was fighting against, with his all black brigade, didn’t know that the war had ended and if someone else was there they might’ve been able to save him. If Laurens didn’t die then the black troop wouldn’t have had to go back to their owners they could’ve stayed in the army with Laurens. If Laurens didn’t die he could’ve had the possibility of being vice president with Hamilton if he became president and they could’ve freed the black slaves and then the blacks wouldn’t have to wait until Lincoln became president to be freed. The last thing I’d tell him is to try and stay alive for Eliza. If he were to stay alive for her she wouldn’t have had to do all the work she did to get the orphanage alone and could’ve asked Alex to help her. She also wouldn’t have had to go through losing her sister alone since Angelica died before Eliza did. Alex also could’ve helped her through her sadness from losing Philip a lot more than what he had originally

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