All Quiet In The Field Critical Analysis

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The soldiers in All Quiet on the Western Front, have experienced many hardships and they are expressed in a way of great horror and violence along with In The Field written by Tim O’Brien, and In Flanders Fields, written by John McCrae. Throughout the novel of All Quiet on the Western Front, which was written by Erich Maria Remarque, there are countless mentions that truly show the true horrors of war. Paul Baumer, the leading protagonist in All Quiet on the Western Front, states his surroundings in a way that entices the reader to his perspective and really coaxes with their mind to induce the harsh surroundings and environments that lie in war. In the beginning of chapter six, Paul and the other soldiers are settled along the front, which for the average person, is enough to scare them to a point where they would not even consider going into warfare because of the horrors that lie within Paul Baumer and the other soldiers. Paul describes it as a “cage in which we must wait fearfully” no matter what can happen(Remarque 101). Therefore, the front …show more content…

The poem mentions poppies, which symbolize death, in that they “blow between the crosses, row on row” and that they “mark our place”(McCrae). Soldiers who have died fighting in war are buried here, and poppies are the flower used to represent death, therefore they are all located in this field. The soldiers had lived a few days ago, “felt dawn” and “saw [the] sunset glow”(McCrae). The soldiers who at once had experienced war are now lost, and soldiers that come across this field may have trouble continuing in war due to the frightening thought that their fellow members of the military had once fought here. This gives an image to the reader of how awful and frightening war must be, and flanders fields had tons of poppies, meaning tons of

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