Allie's Baseball Mitt Analysis

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One of the symbols J.D. Salinger uses quite frequently in the book is Allie’s baseball mitt. In the beginning of the novel, it’s a normal baseball glove with poems on it, which we found out was owned by Holden’s brother who had died. But when you reach the end of the book, you realize that Allie’s mitt, along with the memory of him, shaped Holden to be the person he was in the novel. The baseball mitt represented the past. Before, it wasn’t linked to a tragic event, and would have had no meaning to anyone except for Allie, who used and wrote in it all the time. But after Allie died, Holden used the mitt to hold on to his past. When his brother died, Holden was devastated. So devastated, that he smashed all the windows in the garage and ended

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