Allusions In Lord Of The Flies Literary Analysis Essay

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Lord Of The Flies Literary analysis Where does evil come from? Is it in you? Under what circumstances would it appear? In Lord of The Flies, a novel by William Golding, a group of English schoolboys gets stranded on an island after their plane crashes. In the beginning, the elected leader Ralph attempts to keep the boys civilized and maintain order with rules and assigning jobs. From the start Ralph’s adversary, Jack, considers the rules an abomination and would rather hunt and reform to savagery than remain civilized. During their time on the island, Ralph and Jack are at a constant state of disagreement, and their conflicting opinions escalate causing disaster. Then the boys get out of control and try to kill each other by setting fire to the …show more content…

Biblical allusions can be helpful to the reader and may possibly help them predict the ending, and gives the reader more ideas about characters in the book. The island that they crashed on is thought to be the Garden of Eden from the Bible. This is because when they first arrive on the island, it is very much like Eden with plentiful fruit, beautiful scenery, and ideal weather. After the boys crash, Ralph promptly begins to bathe in the ocean water just as Jesus did when he was baptized. In the bible, the garden is corrupted by the evil snake that has a physical form. In comparison, the boys in Lord of The Flies continue to be afraid of a creature called the Beastie and spend their time trying to kill it. “You did the other day. You said they dream and cry out. Now they talk- not only the littluns, but my hunters sometimes-talk of a thing, a dark thing, a beast, some sort of animal.” (83). However, they are mistaken because the force is not external but it is inside of them. Golding hints that Eden has already been destroyed; The evil within the boys is just waiting to be

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