Alternative Dispute Resolution In Society

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Do you think ADR should be the only way of solving disputes society? Agree or disagree and give reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.
ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is one other way of solving disputes in the society. ADR is mostly private and it focuses on finding a compromise. I am therefore marrying/agreeing with the above title that, ADR should be the only way of solving disputes in the society. Reason being that we are all familiar with the most common dispute-resolution process of our civil justice system (specifically the court procedures). This way of solving disputes is more adaptable to almost every culture. Dispute comes because of unresolved conflicts, as we know that conflict is inevitable, dispute is
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People are demanding justice and yet a majority of them have no clue of what justice really is. Some demand that the punishment should match the action which at all isn’t justice. Justice is the legal or philosophical by which fairness is administered. It will be match fair to the society to incorporate ADR than Judicial court system of solving disputes. In promoting access to justice, a modern civil justice system should offer a variety of approaches and options to dispute resolution. Citizens should be empowered to find a satisfactory solution to their problem which includes the option of a court-based litigation but as part of a wider menu of choices. When it comes to ADR most cultures adapt more rapidly because they want peace and not war. They want to set out the fire and not add fuel to the fire. ADR is more understandable and more fair to both parties as the aim is to find a compromise with an amicable solution for solving future disputes in the society. The following are the process of…show more content…
There is increasing recognition that while many disputes can be resolved, there is no single formula to decide which resolution process is suitable for or appropriate to a conflict situation. There are many variations in relation to disputes, the range of subject matters is very wide; within any category, a multitude of issues can arise; various factors can influence parties who disagree; and there are some conflicts which are not readily amenable to dispute resolution processes. Therefore, one of the more challenging aspects of alternative dispute resolution is to determine which process is most appropriate for a particular dispute.

The main reason why I strongly agree with the above title, is that ADR helps settle multi-dispute by finding a compromise and peace from both parties it is one best way of serving justice. Everyone has a right to access formal state justice. But there are many obstacles into getting formal state justice. The following are few obstacles faced by many people from getting state justice:
• Backlog in cases at the courts which lead to long delays and thus, time away from home and work;
• Lack of information or exposure to the
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