Alzheimer's Time Bomb Essay

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1. The author’s article, “Alzheimer’s Time Bomb”, tells about how many people will be struggling with Alzheimer’s in the next 50 years and how it will effect our country since there is no cure. 2. The author writes about this to make people more aware of Alzheimer’s and the fact that not as much effort is being put into making a cure as there should. They say, “the federal government in 2012 unveiled its first ever "National Plan to Address Alzheimer 's Disease." The plan pours $600 million a year into research, testing, and treatment...this influx of money still leaves Alzheimer 's funding lagging way behind that for HIV and cancer, which receive $3 billion and $5.3 billion a year, respectively”. 3. Beginning In the beginning they shape their argument by giving numbers of how many people do and may suffer from Alzheimer’s and how it is caused. “More than 5.3 million people in the U.S. …show more content…

End They shape their argument in the end by saying how the government does not put nearly as much money as they do towards other diseases and that there is a possible cure in testing. “In March, biotechnology company Biogen unveiled an anti-amyloid called aducanumab, or "adu" — the first drug that has substantially reduced the brain plaque associated with Alzheimer 's in a human trial”. 4. The author uses a serious tone by giving facts that portray the need for a cure. 5. Alzheimer’s is relevant even to our generation. Alzheimer’s is affecting people and those people could be our grandparents. I couldn’t imagine my grandma not remembering who I was. Our parents would have to take care of them too. If we don’t find a cure it would be a downward spiral of more people being affected, not just with the disease, but with the stress of caring for loved ones. 6. Influx- an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things There is an influx of people every morning when students arrive at school. Adrift- without purpose or guidance; lost and confused Sometimes I feel adrift in

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