American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Like numerous things in life, the American Dream was supposed to be something beautiful. The belief that anyone, regardless of race, class, gender, or nationality, could be successful in America if they just work hard enough is certainly an innocent sentiment. It is hard to imagine a goal, which is so seemingly harmless, could actually be unattainable and eventually become corrupt. The corruption stemmed from their greed for material items, rather than just the happiness and comfort prosperity provided. Furthermore, this is exactly what The Great Gatsby showed readers. It takes place in a time of economic prosperity, the 1920 's, when the belief in the American Dream was at it 's highest point, but also it 's most obviously hollow. Consequently, this is what F. Scott Fitzgerald chose to write his classic novel, The Great Gatsby, about. While it tells the tale of a man yearning after a girl and getting killed as a result, this is not truly what the book is about. The main focus is breaking the façade of the “wonderful” American Dream, and showing it for what it truly is. The Great Gatsby clearly expresses the corrupt and hollow nature of the unrealistic American Dream, which can especially be seen in Jay Gatsby, his supporting characters, and Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism. Jay Gatsby embodies the corrupt nature well; however, what he even more strongly symbolizes is the unrealistic nature of the American Dream. Jay Gatsby seems like he has it all – a nice house, wealth,
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