American Jury System Dbq Essay

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The American Jury System offers the United States citizens an opportunity to be proven guilty or innocent when a crime has been committed. The twelve person jury system was established in England hundreds of years ago. Originally this system was made up of twelve men and this was huge because they had the power to go against what the judge wanted in court. There are many vital points as to why our American jury system is successful; jury trials by the numbers, ownership by jury members towards the accused, how reliable or unreliable evidence is viewed by jurors, gender balance and the detailed screening process in which jurors are selected. Based on results, less than two percent of civil and criminal cases are heard by jurors. (Doc. A) Our jury system is excelling because these are only serious cases that are being heard by our American Jury System which means we can be very selective in our jury members. In most criminal cases, defendants agree to a guilty plea or a plea bargain. By settling these cases most federal officers are able to gain more information about other pending cases through informates which enables our judicial system to work efficiently. …show more content…

People want criminals off of the street and to serve their rightful punishment which gives the citizens ownership not only in their community but in the judicial system as a whole. The Seventh Amendment gave us as citizens, the right to serve as jurors, just like the constitution gave us the right to vote, have freedom of speech, and bear arms which are all just as important to this great nation. (Doc. C) This is a vital part to this country because of how the people can impact the future and ensure that everyone has consequences for their

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