Essay On Judicial Branch

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This is the topic paragraph that will be telling you about. I will be talking about the Constitution. First will be the Legislative Branch and the people that are in it and about the things that they do for us say thanks to them for helping us. Did you know that they are the most useful Branch ever. Second, it is talking about the Executive Branch and how they work so they are really good. They are the most least useful Branch. Finally, it is talking about the Judicial Branch they are one of the most least useful. Or second best. This is the Legislative Branch are the first people to makes the laws, then they send it to the second branch nut we will get to that after this. They have many people in that branch that are important. Someone like Paul Ryan (The speaker) has to say the decision of the house. Then they have the senate's the people that the that gets the bill then they give it to the house. The senate’s in utah are Mia Love and Rob Bishop. That is all of the groups of congress. Congress is part of this branch and is the main part of the Legislative branch. This branch is the only branch that can declare a war. The Legislative branch has the House of Representatives that has four hundred thirty five members in there prior to that, the senate has one hundred members. …show more content…

They also have the Supreme Court and they are the ones that might on won't make it a law. But if it doesn’t pass same thing then it could just be thrown away. For example, they can’t just pass the whole thing they would have to go through many policies in order to become one. Second, They have people to know to it is sad that I only know one of them. Which is the chef John Roberts is like the speaker but all of the other people can still talk because they all have to make sure that it works and to do so they have to talk amongst themselves. That is all of the things in the Judicial

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