American Rights Dbq Essay

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Living in America is a privilege considering all of the rights we, U.S. citizens are given. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of press, trial by jury, right to bare arms, right to vote and so many more basic things people should be given. But back in the colonial era the colonists didn’t have any of these rights that they thought were “unalienable rights” meaning every person should have them and they can't be taken from us, so they fought for those rights. And because of this war we now have so many rights that we take granted of every day and love. Some of these important rights also include the right to a capitalistic economy and a fair chance at wealth and gain. The question of, was the American Revolution about economic or …show more content…

The British knowingly taxed the colonists without their consent or representation, so it was basically bullying and the colonies couldn't stop it (Document 8). They also forced many unfair taxes on to them that made their economic activity significantly harder. One of these major taxes was the stamp act, which basically made it so every single printed item a person would buy they had to pay a small fee or tax (Document 4). The stamp act, however, was not the only thing. The British also stationed 10,000 troops along the frontiers costing the colonies causing even more tax being applied (Document 3). It shows that the British were very unfair towards the colonist’s taxing because they didn’t bother to let them represent or choose what happened with those taxes. If that happened in modern day America many people would be …show more content…

This is a huge violation of any basic humans rights but mainly they need to pay for these soldiers and not only that but it created conflict (Document 8). They were forced to do all of this without being able to fight back and this act was known as the “Quartering Act” which the colonists once again grew to hate because of the costly and economically destroying power of it (Document 5). This evidence further explains why economic independence is a cause of the American Revolution because it shows the colonists were being pressured so hard economically once again by the British and they wanted to break free of that tyranny and provide for themselves and not have to pay for an extra few people living in their

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