Amount Of Salt Experiment Results

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Title: The Effect of the Amount of Salt (Mass) on The Density of Coloured Solutions Question: How does the Amount of Salt Solution (Mass) Affect the Density of Liquid Solutions? Background Research: Density is how light or how heavy something is, depending on its size. Density can determine an object’s mass or volume. If an object is more dense, it will sink and its atoms would be closely packed. When an object is not dense, it will float which will make the atoms loose. Scientists are able to measure density by dividing the mass of an object and dividing the object by its volume. Overall, density is the amount of mass in a given space. Variables: Independent Variable: Different Amount Of Salt (Mass in Grams) Dependent Variable: Density of Salt Solutions (Layering of Solutions) …show more content…

Using the pipette, put a few drops of coloured solution in the straw. Try to layer a second color on top of the first color. Use the given combinations to find out which of the colored solutions will show clearly the four colored solutions stack each other. Use colored pencils to keep track of your results in the straws. Circle the color combinations that produced the correct combination. Results: Colored Solutions (Mass) Mass (Grams) Volume (ML) Density Red 25 25

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