An Analysis Of Pearl's Letter

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I was born and raised in England by my loving parents, who thought I was a bit precocious. This may have led me to be talked into marrying a much older man. He was a wealthy scholar who was well aware that I was not in love with him, never the less, we were wed. While living in Amsterdam, we decided to move to the Colony of Massachusetts in America. My husband, Roger Prynne, was to stay behind and settle our affairs while I traveled to the Colony to settle and await his arrival. Over a year had passed without a word from my husband and I feared he was lost at sea while trying to reach me. As I waited for notification of whether he was dead or alive, I had an illicit affair with a local pastor. The result of this affair was an unexpected pregnancy, which caused quite the scandal and eventually, my imprisonment. My daughter Pearl was born while I was in prison and her new home was a small cell which we shared. A few months after she born, I received my sentence for bearing a child from an unknown father. I was to live the rest of my life with a large letter A sewn onto the breast of my clothing. I also had to stand on the scaffold in the marketplace for three hours with my letter A prominently displayed and allow the townspeople to view my shame, presumably as both a punishment to me and a warning to all. When Pearl was …show more content…

She was very energetic and definitely had a devious way about her. The two of us were walking in the woods when she was about 7 years old when we came across Reverend Dimmesdale as he was walking back toward town. He looked to be in such poor health and fragile mind, I took him aside pleaded with him to fight for a chance to return to his former self. A plan was born for us to leave Boston in four days’ time, the day after he was to give an important sermon. We were both so excited about the possibility of a fresh start to our lives that we invited Pearl into our private

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