Issues In The Scenario: Photo Manipulation

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The issue in the scenario is Photo Manipulation. Photo manipulation is altering or transferring a photograph to make it look more appealing. Some photo manipulations are considered an art form because it involves the creation of unique images. The manipulation of photographs can be done using a variety of software programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp and many more. Photo manipulation creates an illusion or deception on the original photograph.

In 2014 Penny Wright, Senator for South Australia spoke about the issues of negative body image and discussed people’s stories. Sarah was nine years old when she started looking at herself as overweight. She had problems at school which distracted her from her weight. Then she became depressed and tried to take her own life. She went to hospital which saved her life. She was so unwell her liver, heart and kidneys started to shut down from her
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It can cause a range of physical and mental health disorders. At the extreme end there's self-harm, anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety. There are also health risks associated with crash dieting. Negative body image can prevent women from playing sport or going to the beach and can generally make them self-conscious.
Poor body image is caused by low self-esteem, anxiety and feeling isolated from social groups and family due to not being happy about body image. These feelings are now affecting children as young as four years old in Australia. Approximately half of all adolescent girls are trying to lose weight and practice extreme weight loss through fasting, self-induced vomiting and smoking. Unfortunately, this issue does not just affect women but also men too. Males are beginning to obsess about their body shape and size. About 83 per cent of women and men have had concerns about their body
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