Negative Body Image

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Body image is the way one sees their self and how they look. One can have a positive body image or a negative body image. If a person has a positive body image, they feel strong and confident about their body and comfortable in their own skin. If a person has a negative body image, they are not confident about their body and that stems from low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Having a negative body image leads to anxiety, insecurity, eating disorders and body modification. Our culture and people around us is what shapes our body image. People tend to go through hearing positive and negative things about their body images throughout their lives starting from a young age. Most importantly, messages about body image is displayed on television, the internet, magazines, ads and in the media. Today in society there are many people who are struggling with their body image because of the messages and images that are conveyed through the media. There are images promoted throughout the media of what people in our society should look like. For an example, Celebrities and models are seen as perfect, they have perfect bodies and in order to be like them or successful …show more content…

Women who idealize certain body images and obsess over women who achieve a certain look, take risks by putting their health in danger. Women who take part in eating disorders are not aware that they formed them because subconsciously they think they are making healthy decisions about their body. Anorexia Nervosa is one of the most popular eating disorders that women resort to. Anorexia results from the fear of gaining weight and doing anything possible to achieve the desired body image. (SITE) people that have Anorexia restrict their eating habits to a maximum and sometimes stop themselves from eating at all. They take part in excessive exercising and dieting. In result, they suffer from dehydration, malnutrition and even distorted body

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