Five Causes Of Body Image In Today's Society

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Hope Hendershot
Mrs. Gallos
English 3
20 March 2018
Body Image in Children In today’s society, children have many problems with their body image. Children both male, and female need assistance to better their body image in an effort to ultimately help their life. Body image is the way a person sees their body and appearance, whether it is realistic or not. Bad body image usually causes more problems in a child’s life, which can make it harder to control. There are several causes for this low body image that society can, and needs to fix. Even though companies use edited pictures, society needs to help improve body image because bad body image is unhealthy and can lead to failure. Children constantly see unrealistic bodies on advertisements …show more content…

A person with low body image usually will also have low confidence. This is just one problem that low body image can cause in the people it affects. Confidence is important and can help someone succeed in their life. Bad body image can lead to a person’s failure and possibly bad life choices or styles. According to 5 Ways to Promote a Positive Body Image, “people with a positive body image of themselves feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to succeed … [and] kids with a negative body image feel more self-conscious” (5 Ways to Promote a Positive Body Image). Body image is liable to affect someone’s performance in the future and their ability to perform something in a permissible manner. Someone’s low thoughts on their body can sabotage their chance to be successful as it can lead to no belief in themselves. Having low body image can lessen a person’s chance of succeeding in their lifetime because body image lasts for their entire …show more content…

Parents have a key role in being able to help in several ways, as they are very influential in their Children’s lives. One important thing parents can do is motivate and encourage their children in talks about real life. Parents can point out the unrealistic things they see in an effort to help their children understand that things are not like that in life. The Body Image website gives a good example of how to do this, the article says “watch TV with your child and discuss what you see… This gives you a chance to focus on character traits that are more important than outward appearances” (Body Image (Children And Teens)). Parents should help their children figure out what is real and not real so that as they grow up they can see these things for themselves. To promote the feeling of self-worth, not like the unrealistic things you see, such as

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