Barbie's Influence On Young Girls

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Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known as Barbie, has been a crucial influence for young girls since the late 1950’s and has been in nearly all american homes for more than fifty years. Barbie has been the focus of hundreds of remodelings, countless specials, and many vintage dolls. Barbie is a giant among toys in the American market, but with fame comes accusations, lies, and judgment. Barbie has a much darker side that people are too unaware of or just do not care about. Barbie teaches little girls that women can have to always be in a relationship, stereotypical careers, and gets girls to try to reach impossible standards. To begin, Barbie teaches girls that relationships are magical and need to be kept up at all times by any means necessary. Barbie is well known for her relationship with Ken, who by most standards is the perfect male to the perfect female. Barbie started “dating” Ken in 1961 and their relationship lasted for 43 years, until 2004, when they “broke up”. Barbie’s “break up” showed the truth of the matter, though, as Barbie stayed holed up in her dream house until she met Blaine. Blaine, a surfer native to Australian and part of the “Cali Girl” line of Barbie, started “dating” …show more content…

Barbie is created by a ⅙ inch scale making her five feet nine inches tall. Barbie’s weight is a perpetual 110 pounds, adding to her height, she would fit perfectly into the category of anorexia. Another way she leads girls to try to reach impossible standards is in one of her dolls, Barbie babysits, Barbie has a book entitled How To Lose Weight, which has the highly controversial phrase “ do not eat”. The author of Barbie and Body Image asked “...what do Barbie dolls teach children about the world? They teach children that it is desirable to be thin, very thin. They teach children to strive for an unrealistic body image”(B and

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