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Body Image and the Media
“A healthy body image is not something that you are going to learn from fashion magazines.” (“Quiz: Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?”). Therefore; body image refers to the way a person perceives themselves. Numerous women and men battle with an unhealthy body image due to the media; furthermore, it makes humanity presume they are not adequate. The media should not have any control over how people contemplate their body image. There has been many studies that have shown us how communications can lead to the negative perception of someone's body image. There is no single cause of body dissatisfaction; consequently, media does contribute to why hundreds of people look down upon them. Even though many individuals believe in the positive effects of media on society, it causes eating disorders, it alters our minds, and lowers our self esteem.
Due to media, women have eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. The average women model in the U.S. weighs …show more content…

It can “infiltrate every aspect of life & contribute to happiness and wellbeing” (“What is body image?”). Body image is mental and emotional; it is the mental picture that you have of your body & the way you feel about your body when you look into a mirror.” Self esteem is confidence in one’s self worth. People with a high self esteem usually feel more in control of their lives and know their strengths and weaknesses. Our family and friends can also influence an individual's body image. If a person has a positive body image, they allegedly accept themselves the way they are. This healthy attitude allows you to “explore other aspects of growing up” (“Body Image and Self-Esteem.) such as developing good friendships, becoming more independent, and challenging yourself physically and mentally. Developing these parts of yourself can help boost your self esteem. The perspective of an individual's body begins in their mind, not their

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