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Do you ever wonder if you see what everyone else see when you look in the mirror? Everyone has a different perspective and taste in what they see and like. I do not believe everyone sees the same things, there are way too many different personalities and perspectives in the world for everyone to see and think the same way. Body image is huge in the media and the way people look and judge different people. Since 1980, the public has had media-driven expectations of what men and women look like. The media plays a huge role in body image, in social media men and women are expected to look a certain way. Men are expected to be tall and muscular, and the women should be slim, fragile and never be bigger than the men. This is horrifying that …show more content…

If you do your wrong, these two body images are not the same. being obese is a condition where you have too much fat. Overweight is when you weight too much, witch could be caused be muscle, bone or height. I do not believe that anyone should be judged by the way they look, ever. I do believe that if you are an unhealthy individual then something needs to change. More than one-third of American adults are obese today. Obesity is the second leading cause of death in America that can be prevented and should be. People are showing that they are caring less about the media-driven characteristics now more than ever, hence the way obesity is the second leading death in America. Media contradicts itself a little, due to the fact that they want you to look a certain way but the advertisements on unhealthy food choices are so big. The market on unhealthy eating is mind blowing dangerous, causing the population not to caring about the food they put into their bodies. Theres a very fine line when talking about body images and looking at what the “in thing” is in the media. When trying to get healthy the number one thing not to do is to look at the media for health choices and image. I agree to very little to what the media has to offer about body image. One day you should be as think as a nail and the next they want you to shove roster strudels in your mouth. I do believe the media should be the last to judge anyone on the shape

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